Have you been struggling with acne? Has it gotten so bad that you have lost your confidence? Have you tried different beauty products, and there seems to be no change? Well, look no further.

The pamperglow acne set contains four powerful products, formulated to give your face the best. This is your final bus stop for every acne issue

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I am so grateful to have found pamper glow! I was looking for effective acne products and decided to give this a try. I watched a video online on Instagram and saw the result. Now I am a living witness myself.
Omo! I can't believe I found a product that actually works! Depression be won kill me before. The products work like magic. It didn't just work for me, but also for my friends with the same issue.
Port Harcourt.
I was very skeptical when i saw a pamperglow advert online because i had bought some other products from other brands and it really dealt with me big time. Thank God for pamperglow, now i have my confidence back.
Pimples wanted to spoil my fine girl o! lol... I have carried the pimples for years until a friend recommended pamperglow to me. I can now go out comfortably without makeup on my face every time. My face can receive fresh breeze abeg.

Your solution is the Pamperglow ‘Acne Set. The combination is all your skin needs to thrive. Your skin deserves the best, and you deserve to glow!

The Acne set consists of a cleanser, facewash, mud mask, face cream, and toner.

  • The cleanser: is designed to deeply cleanse and detoxify your face. It dries off your acne and gets the skin ready for the other treatments.
  • The face: wash is specially formulated to work with the acne treatment actives to give your skin that flawlessness you’ve always wanted.
  • The mud mask: detoxifies your face of oil and sebum, leaving your skin pores clean.
  • The face cream: works as a spot corrector and also keeps the face moisturized.
  • The toner: balances the skin’s PH and is used to mix the mask before application.

With this set, you are sure to say goodbye to acne forever!

Are you confident in your skin? Can you leave your house without makeup on? Do you find it difficult to go anywhere without your makeup to cover up acne, dark spots, and acne scars? Do you feel less of a woman because you do not have that perfect skin?

If you fit into any of these instances, then you are on the right page. It can be difficult and depressing not to have that perfect skin. Some ladies go into depression, and for some, it has cost them their relationships and self-esteem.

Every lady deserves a flawless skin. You need to get your confidence and groove back, and that’s why we are here to give you just that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Product Approved By NAFDAC?

Our Products are 100% NAFDAC Approved.

Do You Deliver Nation Wide?

Yes, we deliver nation wide.

I am interested; how do I get it?

Click HERE to make a purchase.

Is it suitable for my skin type? I have a dry skin

Yes, the acne set is suitable for all skin types.

Can I use it as a guy?

Yes, you can. It will equally be effective.

Are there any side effects?

None, whatsoever. There are no short or long-term side effects.

How many products are in the Acne set?

Five products.  The Toner, mud mask, cleanser, face cream and the face wash (For FREE).

How soon should I expect the result after using it?

As early as ten days, you should start noticing changes.

Since it works for acne, will it clear the scars on my face too?

Yes, it will. One of the products in the set – face cream, works as a spot corrector. So your scars will be cleared too.

Will it work for my pimples too?

Yes, acne is also called pimples. It’s one and the same.

Will it help tone my skin as well?

Yes, a toner is part of the set. It will tone up your skin to its original state with an added touch of glow.

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