I am sure that skin lightening has been a major fantasy for you; however, the setback is the adverse side effect in the long run. The discoloration and uneven tone of the skin afterward must have made you put a pause on fulfilling your fantasies.

The pamper glow radiance-enhancing set is here to fulfill your lifelong fantasy.

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I have been using this set for three years now, and I have no cause for regret. No side effects or reactions. Pamper glow radiating set is simply the best.
Ogun state
My skin was always prone to hyperpigmentation. My skin is very sensitive; thus, finding a product to work effectively was a struggle until I came to know about the pamper glow’s radiating set, I tried it, and it worked like magic; it was gentle on my skin, and no skin reaction afterward.
Ondo state
I got my confidence back! I feel free! I went out for the first time without makeup in years! I haven’t done this in a long time. Now, I feel beautiful in my natural state. Even my crush got to notice me, lol. And suddenly, it seems like tons of guys just want to date me. I am living my best life and having fun! Pamper glow radiance-enhancing set; I am hooked for life!
I love the radiance this gives my skin. I’ve tried so many beauty products, and this is the one for me. It’s sooooo good. I highly recommend it!


Give your skin the kind of glowing radiance it deserves. Pamper Glow’s powerful lightening products remove dark spots, age spots, and freckles fast and effectively, ending those panda eyes once and for all. Start using our beauty lightening set today!

The Radiance Enhancing Set is designed to deal with hyperpigmentation, sunburn scars and safely lighten your skin to your desired look. If you want to get back that skin tone or lighten your skin without any side effects in the long run, then this set is for you!

It is formulated with carrot extracts and contains six products. Face cream, Body milk, Glow oil, Toner/Cleanser, Shower gel, and scrub.

  • The face cream is designed to target dark spots, tighten the skin pores and brighten the face leaving your face looking more radiant than ever.
  • The Body milk makes your skin firm, even your skin tone, and corrects hyperpigmentation without any side effects such as stretch marks, dark knuckles, cellulite, etc. it also keeps the skin moisturized all day long!
  • Our glow oil locks up moisture on your skin and helps it stay moisturized all day. Your skin becomes well-nourished with an extra touch of glow.
  • The toner/cleanser is hydrating and also works as a cleanser; it detoxifies your skin and balances your skin’s PH as well.
  • Our shower gel is a mild cleansing product that can be used during the shower. It is formulated to leave your skin moisturized after a bath, unlike a bathing soap that leaves your skin feeling dry.
  • The scrub is a must-have in your beauty routine, and this is the first product you will start with. It exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells, thereby allowing other products to penetrate, producing an effective and lasting result.

This set is the answer to your hyperpigmentation, skin tone, and skin lightening issues.


Many products can tone up your skin, but only Pamperglow Radiance Enhancing Set will effectively do that without damaging your skin. Your facial skin is the most delicate skin, and that’s why we have taken proper care in formulating each product to be used consistently on your face without any damage.

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With the Enhancing Radiating set, you do not have to worry about side effects at all.

You will be the envy of other ladies because of your glowing and even-toned skin. Achieving radiant skin is not just bout having a skincare routine but using the right product.

You will not have to hide under tons of makeup to hide your hyperpigmentation. You will finally be free to breathe in your own skin.


I have used a product before that bleached my skin. There is now a discoloration on my face. Will this set correct it?

Yes, this set is formulated to tackle discoloration and uneven skin tone. It will be corrected.

Are You Registered With NAFDAC?

Yes, we are 100% NAfDAC Approved

Is it 100% organic?

Yes, it is. It is safe to use.

How soon will I see changes after use?

In as little as ten days, there will be significant changes.

Do you deliver to other states within Nigeria?

Yes, we do delivery interstate.

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes. It is suitable for sensitive skin as well as any skin.

Do I have to mix it with other products to see changes?

No, the combinations in this set are well balanced to give you the desired result.

Will it clear my scars and sunburn?

Yes, it will. The face cream included in this set will tackle all dark, stubborn spots, including sunburns.

Are you sure there will be no side effects after a long time?

There will be no side effects in the long run. It gets better with each use; every product is dermatologically tested and formulated to be gentle and effective on your skin.

Does it work for hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone?

Yes, it does. The products in this set tone up your skin and deal with hyperpigmentation.

Can I use it on my dark knuckles alone to get result?

You can use it all over your body. You will still get the desired result. It will correct all dark spots.

Does the product cause stretch marks?

No, not at all. It is organic and safe for your skin.


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