Do I get all the benefits of distributors if I re-brand?

No, you do not. For re-brand, a different proposal must be submitted to pamper Glow on: info@pamperglowstore.com. Start-up capital for re-brand is 500,000 thousand naira Percentage discount for re-brand is 20% The only benefit accrued to re-brand, is the percentage discount.

Can I rebrand?

Yes, you can. Read full details on contract manufacturing here: www.pamperglow.com/contract-manufacturing.

Delivery method?

We deliver via Direct Courier Express  inside outside of Lagos and Abuja and other delivery services within these two states.

How long will it take for products to get to me?

After sorting out products, it will take 2 days to 7 working days depending on the quantity of the products involved and your location. Note that this may change due to unforeseen circumstances but you will definitely get your products.

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